Types of Calls- All hand made One at a time per order

Turkey Box Calls


Box calls made with a variety of woods.

You can pick your sound board, paddle, inlay.

I make smaller boxes with a big sound. Usually 6" 

Turkey Pot Calls


Pot Calls ie- Slate calls- Friction calls

Made from a long list of woods(local) and exotic woods.

Sound boards can be glass or slate.

Surfaces- Slate, Glass, Aluminuim, ceramic, copper, or brass.

I make 3 1/2" , but prefer 3" size.

The 3" fits better in your hand and easier to fit in a pocket

Turkey Trumpets


Trumpet Calls, made from a long list of woods.

Most are 8" including the mouth piece, but you can choose your length 5" and up

Turkey Scratch Boxes


Scratch boxes that I make are run with a striker. The strikers are matched to the call.

Duck Calls


Ducks Call are smaller than your normal call.

Easy to blow 

Reeds- single or double

You choose the wood

Duck Whistle Calls


Duck Whisles

you choose the wood

You can   

· Mallard Drake Grunt, · Pintail 

· Wood duck. · Wigeon. · Teal. 

· Gadwell.· Bob White.· Dove

· Hawk. 

Crow Calls


Crow Calls

You pick the wood

These will be made with factory mouth pieces and reeds.

I do make some custom as in the picture, but I have not mastered it yet

Turkey Beard Displays


Turkey Beard Displays

Most are made from walnut, but you can choose the wood.

Each display will hold 12 beards with you shotgun shell

I can make 12 gauge or 20 gauge for the shell holes.

20 gauge is shown

Turkey Tube Calls


Tube calls

Different woods

Different lengths

Different Inside Diameters

Cutting Boards



Walnut & Maple

Walnut & Ash

Other Cominations:


Goncalo Alves-(Tigerwood)


Kid's First Stool


Small stool for kids or adults

9" x 16" top

8" Height

No stain


Barn red



Pot Call Strikers

Turned one at a time.

Different woods on the same pot call will make different sounds- high or low pitch.

All have flared or mushroom ends.