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Back in '93

Back in '93, a friend showed me his scratch box- broken and missing striker.

I told him , I would try to fix it.

It was a 2 sided call, one sound board broken off.

Striker- no problem, side no way.

I made him a new one , he said it sounded better than the old one.

I started making some of them, graduated to box calls in '95. And reading a lot of forums- most helpful. Lots for firewood later, I made a good sounding one sided call. I make 2-sided call also.

Make these for years, selling some, giving away for raffles, and veteran functions.

Finally in 2010 bought a lathe to make trumpets.. Then decided to make some pots and strikers- lots of firewood later, I think I have a good sounding trumpet and pot call. 

Duck calls next- Barrels are no problem turning, but inserts a different story. Lots and lots for kindling- Beaver Pond Sporting Club,appreciates it.

Finally got one that does not take a lot of wind , but can be loud or soft. Three years in the making.

John Teague